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The global income inequality Gini index was estimated to be between 61-68% by various sources. But, using of the Gini coefficient might be tricky, as its value might be affected by a number of other factors than just income inequality such as demographic trends (for example baby boom, which increases the coefficient).

Taking income distribution of all human beings, the worldwide income inequality has been constantly increasing since the early 19th century. There was a steady increase in global income inequality Gini score from 1820 to 2002, with a significant increase between 1980 and 2002. This trend appears to have peaked and begun a reversal with rapid economic growth in emerging economies, particularly in the large populations of BRIC countries.

Having one of the lowest proportion of people living at the risk of poverty (according to the EU Commission), Czech Republic also belongs to the countries with the most equal distribution of income within the world.

Society | Czech Republic | April 15, 2013
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