Hrvatski Telekom at a Glance

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Company: Hrvatski Telekom
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Hrvatski Telekom d.d. is a Croatia based provider of telecommunications services. The Company combines the services of fixed and mobile telephony, data transmission, Internet and international communications. The Company is the leading provider of telecommunications services in Croatia, serving more than 1.3 million fixed lines, nearly 2.5 million mobile subscribers and 648,000 broadband connections. Hrvatski Telekom provides telecommunications services, design and construction of telecommunications networks. In addition to the provision of fixed telephony services (fixed-line access and traffic, as well as fixed-network supplementary services), the Group also provides Internet services, including IPTV, data transmission services and GSM and UMTS mobile telephone networks. Hrvatski Telekom is owned by T-Mobile Global Holding.

This report offers a summary of the Company's performance in 1999-2013. You will find here all the key numbers from the Company's balance sheet, income statement and cash flow and main ratios related to the Company's business

Telcos & Hi-Tech | Croatia | June 28, 2014
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