Improving Employment Chances of the Roma in the CR

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Roma living in marginalized communities in the Czech Republic have not benefited from the buoyant labor market and are facing continued severe and multiple forms of labor market exclusion. While the magnitude of the challenge of overcoming social exclusion among Roma is well appreciated in the Czech Republic, there is less clarity about the extent of labor market exclusion of Roma, the exact nature of barriers to employment and solutions to improve their employment chances. The study arrives at the following, key findings:

• The majority of working age Roma residing in marginalized localities are not

unemployed but are out of the labor force. 


• The level of education attainment and skills acquired is a key predictor of labor

market success of Roma. 


• Roma in marginalized localities suffer from severely low educational attainment

and a widespread lack of functional literacy.

Economy | Czech Republic | October 16, 2008
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