IMS-Drasnar - Financial Performance in 2018

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Company: IMS-Drasnar
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This report analyses the financial performance of IMS-Drasnar for the 2018. You will find all the necessary details regarding company's profitability, volume growth, indebtedness and a comparison with selected peers.

IMS-Drasnar announced a net loss of CZK 25.0 mil in 2018, down 209% when compared to the last year. Sales increased 5.91% yoy to CZK 395 mil, EBITDA fell 154% to CZK -16.1 mil and net margin amounted to -6.32%. In the last three years, the Company grew its revenues by 15.9% a year, and produced an average return on capital of 7.52% and return on equity of 9.32%.

The key highlights are:

Sales increased 5.91% yoy to CZK 395 mil in 2018. That’s compared to average growth of 15.9% in the last three years and 86.1% more when compared to the average annual increase in the last decade.

EBITDA amounted to CZK -16.1 mil and fell 154% when compared to last year. EBITDA margin reached -4.09%, up 3.12%pp when compared to a 5-year average.

Company’s indebtedness fell when measured by Net Debt/Equity and reached 73.5% at the end of 2018. When compared to EBITDA, net debt fell to -6.20x at the end of 2018.

IMS-Drasnar netted CZK -25.0 mil to its shareholders in the last year, down 237% when compared to the average seen in the last five years. The company produced a return on capital of -8.60% and return on equity of -16.7% in the last year. Since 2013, IMS-Drasnar’s average ROCE amounted to 14.9% and ROE 19.9%.

When compared to selected peers, IMS-Drasnar has grown 15.5 pp faster in sales in the last five years. It was also 15.7 pp more profitable in terms of ROCE, and achieved 9.55 pp higher EBITDA margin based on a last year's results.

In terms of indebtedness, the company operated with 70.7 pp higher net debt to equity at the end of 2018 when compared to its peers (73.5% at IMS-Drasnar vs. 2.80% of its peers).

Manufacturing | Czech Republic | September 21, 2020