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Komerční Banka - Analysis of 3Q2014 Performance

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This report analyses the performance of the Bank for the 3Q2014. You will find all the necessary details regarding volume growth, market share, margin and asset quality development in the Bank.

The key highlights are:

Komerční's 3Q14 profit grows slightly...

Komerční banka reported a net profit of CZK 3,358 mil. in 3Q14, up 0.9% yoy when compared to last year. While revenue continues to fall (although at a slower pace at only 0.8% yoy), good cost control (other costs) and lower cost of provisioning turned the profit growth into the black.

With ROE of nearly 13% and cost to income ratio at below 43%, the bank remains well profitable and cost efficient:

...and deposits continue to outgrow loans

Komerční banka's balance sheet momentum remains solid. The bank gains market share in all the key segments, mortgage, consumer as well as corporate loans so far this year. Only a 12.8% yoy fall in loans at building savings bank Modrá Pyramida raises some questions.

Its deposits again steal the show. The bank grew its deposits base a further 3.4% qoq (up 11.4% yoy) increasing its market share gains to 110 bp (to 20.0%) within just a year.

With capital adequacy exceeding 17% and loans accounting for 70% of deposits only, the bank is well positioned for further growth.

Komerční's market position improves

Apart from the fall in building savings loans, Komerční's market position remains stable and has been improving so far this year. The bank forms a quarter of the sector's profit and maintains a fifth of bank loans and deposits.

In 3Q14, the bank sold nearly as many retail mortgages as Česká spořitelna (CZK 8.7 bil. a 22% market share) confirming that the bank is going in the right direction:

Asset quality not a concern

The volume of non-performing loans increased by CZK 160 mil. only in 3Q14, so its share of non-performing loans remained stable at 5.5% of total loans.

Komerční banka remains well provisioned against the problem loans. Provision coverage increased to over 71% (from 63% two years ago) and remains pretty high compared to the market average of 48%, or ČSOB for example (47%).

You will find more details about the bank at www.helgilibrary.com/companies

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January 10, 2015 Helgi Analytics

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