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Company: Lesy Ceske republiky
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Lesy České republiky s.p. is the Czech Republic-based state-owned company, which was established by the Ministry of Agriculture in 1992. The Company's main business activities are related to the management of 1.3 mil hectares of forest (approximately 86% of total area of forest in the ownership of the Czech State) and more than 39,000 km of rivers and creeks. The Company processes approximately 7 mil cubic metres of wood per year, which is roughly 72% of the annual addition of the forest. The Company is based in Hradec Kralove, a town with the highest-quality life in the Czech republic, according to a number of polls.

This excel file offers a summary of the company's performance in 2000-2012. You will find here all the key numbers from the company's balance sheet, income statement and cash flow on the annual basis in the local currency and in USD.

Agriculture | Czech Republic | January 29, 2014