Main Developments in the Postal Sector in 2010-2013

Language: English
Company: Austrian Post
Provider: VIK Consult

The report summarises developments in the postal sector pertaining to implementation of the regulatory framework, quality of postal service, economic and social issues, employment, and technological changes.

In addition, this study seeks to place recent developments in the larger context of European postal reform and the changing nature of the sector. Taking into account lessons learned from the past and foreseeable developments, we suggest options for policy makers to consider for further benefit of the postal sector in the future, including modernisation of the EU postal policy and its regulatory framework for postal services. This study covers the 28 Member States of the European Union; the 3 non-EU Member States of the European Economic Area (Lichtenstein, Iceland, Norway); and Switzerland.

Telcos & Hi-Tech | Austria | August 30, 2013
Excel Sheet, 136 pages