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Podravka in Numbers

Language: English
Company: Podravka
Provider: Helgi Analytics
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Podravka dd is a Croatia-based food company known for its product Vegeta. The Company is structured in three segments: food, beverages and pharmaceuticals. It's offer includes the production of universal food seasoning products under the Vegeta and Podravka brands, as well as products under such brands as Lino (dehydrated baby food), Dolcela (sweets), Kviki (snacks), Cokolino (chocolate cereals and spread), Studena (spring water), Lero (multivitamin drink), Eva (tinned fish and fish products), Talianetta, Fini-Mini, Lero, Warzywko, Coolinarika and others. Podravka dd also produces and markets fruit and vegetable products, as well as tea and condiments. The Company is based in Koprivnica, Croatia.

This excel file offers a summary of the Company's performance in 1998-2013. You will find here all the key numbers from the Company's balance sheet, income statement and cash flow and main ratios related to the Company's business

Agriculture | Croatia | June 22, 2014