Romanian Agriculture

Language: English
Provider: Helgi Analytics
The report describes the key trends in Romanian agriculture. Most of the key statistics are presented in comparison with other CEE countries and more developed economies. First, we describe what role agriculture has been playing in the Romanian economy and society for the last 20 years in comparison with other CEE countries and western economies. These includes data such as the share of agriculture of total GDP, employment, or the detailed use of agricultural land, including the forest industry, for example. Second, you can find interesting sets of data about livestock production. This concerns the numbers of various types of livestock (such as cows, pigs, poultry, sheep, and so on), but also the production of meat, or dairy products. Next, we describe the key crops Romanians harvest and major trends in Romanian consumption habits, ranging from their consumption of meat, beer, or cheese to fruit and vegetables, for example. Last, you will see the market prices of selected agricultural commodities.
Agriculture | Romania | January 28, 2013