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Romanian Demographics

Language: English
Provider: Helgi Analytics
Pages: 8
The report describes the key trends in Romanian society, including forecasts. Most of the key statistics are presented in comparison with other CEE countries and more developed economies. You should get a basic idea of how old Romanians are, or will be in a couple of years’ time, what the proportions of the younger or older generations are, how many people live in cities or in the countryside, how long the average male or female might expect to live, or how large the average household in Romania is now or was two decades ago. In addition, we try to describe how pleasant Romania is to live in through a comparison of poverty rates, migration, or security, or how addicted Romanians are in terms of alcohol consumption or smoking. You will also get a big picture about how much Romanians spend and invest into education or healthcare and how good or bad they are in these areas compared to the rest of the world. Last, the report describes the basic characteristics of food consumption, such as how many vegetables or how much fruit, meat, or cheese Romanians eat per capita on average, or how much beer or wine they drink a year.
Society | Romania | January 28, 2013