Romanian Housing

Language: English
Provider: Helgi Analytics
Pages: 6
The report describes the key trends in Romanian residential housing. You should get a basic idea of how Romanians live and how much Romanian properties are worth and how Romanians finance them. First, we provide interesting data about the quantity and quality of Romanian housing, such as the number of existing housing units (compared to the number of households, population, or other countries), or how many new ones are built, the average size of dwellings or new flats, or the number of rooms, for example. Second, you will find interesting details about the affordability of housing, which means how much the average house costs (as a nationwide average, or in the capital city) in absolute terms as when compared to the average wage, household income, or average rent, for example. Third, we provide details about how people finance their housing. These include data such as the volume of mortgage loans (in absolute terms, per capita, or per household), their average size, the interest rate, or the loan-to-value ratio, for example. Last, we aim to describe the structure of the residential housing, including data on home ownership, social and market renting, or activity on the market, such as the number of dwellings sold every year.
Real Estate | Romania | January 29, 2013