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Sweden's Commercial Vehicles Sales (April 2021)

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Sales of new commercial vehicles in Sweden reached 2.62 thousand in April 2021, according to ACEA. This is 14.7%, or 0.450 thousand more than in the previous year. In the first four months of 2021, some 17.9 thousand vehicles were sold, up 74.2% yoy.

Sales of new light commercial vehicles reached 1.90 thousand in April, down 23.4% yoy. Some 0.615 thousand medium and heavy commercial vehicles were registered (up 26.8% yoy) while sales of heavy vehicles amounted to 0.526 thousand vehicles, up 16.6% yoy. Some 0.100 thousand new buses have been delivered in April in Sweden, up up 1.01% when compared to last year.

In Europe, sales of commercial vehicles grew 200% to 213 thousand in April. Within the first four months of the year, the increase reached 74.2% as 17.9 thousand vehicles were registered.

Most commercial vehicles (44.4 thousand) were sold in France, followed by UK (34.3 thousand) and Germany (31.1 thousand). Most buses and coaches above 3.5 tonnes were sold in Germany, UK and France last month.

Most commercial vehicles registered in Europe were still powered by diesel, some 92% of light commercial vehicles and 73% of heavy trucks and buses in 2020. Only 2% of new trucks and 6.1% of new buses sold in 2020 run on batteries, according to ACEA.

Automotive | Sweden | June 07, 2021