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United Kingdom's Passenger Cars Sales (April 2020)

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Sales of new passenger cars in UK reached 142 thousand in April 2021, according to ACEA. This is 3%, or 137 thousand more than in the previous year. In the first four months of 2021, some 567 thousand cars were sold, up 16.2% yoy.

In the first quarter of 2021, sales of new electrically-chargeable passenger cars reached 58.4 thousand in UK, up 82.9% yoy. Together with hybrid and other alternative fuels, sale of alternative fuel vehicles reached 39.4% of all new cars sold.

Sales of traditionally-powered vehicles using petrol and diesel reached 258 thousand or 60.6% of total in the first quarter of 2021 in UK. The share of petrol reached 49.2% and of diesel-powered vehicles 11.4% of all new passenger cars sold.

In Europe, sales of new cars rose 256% to 1,040 thousand in April. Within the first four months of the year, the increase reached 23.1% as 4,121 thousand cars were sold.

Volkswagen Group sold the most cars in April 2021 in Europe, some 280 thousand vehicles representing 27.0% of the European market. Sales of PSA Group amounted to 162 thousand vehicles (or 15.5% of the market) while Renault Group and Hyundai Group held 8.10% and 7.50% of the market. Overall, the five largest manufacturers sold 65.5% of all new cars in April.

United Kingdom | May 21, 2021