A Cup of Coffee Please!

Food & Drink | February 17, 2016
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With a Starbucks on almost every corner and McDonalds converting to McCafe, it's hard to believe that Americans are not the biggest coffee-drinking nation. Yet, on a per capita coffee consumption basis, the USA is only a medium-sized beverage. Our second guess?

The image of a Parisian cafe or a Roman espresso bar are often the first thoughts when it comes to the 'home' of coffee drinkers. Not the best shot again. 

Scandinavians are the largest drinkers of coffee in the world, together with the Austrians and Canadians, with more than 8 kilos consumed per person/year. With more than 12 kg consumed per person, Finland is the absolute winner.

Czechs are not really heavy coffee drinkers. Although they enjoy a cup of coffee per person/day, consumption of coffee has been declining over the last decade to on average around 3.7 kg a year. Czechs spend around USD 250 mil on coffee a year.

Coffee is one of the most-consumed beverages in the world. The beans are found in coffee cherries, which grow on trees cultivated in over 70 countries, primarily in equatorial Latin America, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Africa. Coffee drinking originated in Yemen in the 15th century.

To download the data, go to Coffee Consumption Statistics.