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J&T Banka - Takeaways from 3Q2022 Results

J&T Banka produced a record net profit of CZK 2,277 mil in 3Q2022 with ROE of 32.2%.

Revenues increased 141% yoy and cost rose 10.5%, so cost to income decreased to 19.2%

Cost of risk amounted 0.537% and loan to deposit ratio increased to 34%

Max banka - Takeaways from 3Q2022 Results

Max banka increased its net loss to CZK 54.2 mil in 3Q2022 and generated a negative ROE of 10.8%.

Revenues decreased 2.9% yoy and cost rose 22.1%, so cost to income increased to 144%

Cost of risk increased to 0.983% and loan to deposit ratio decreased to 49.4%