Djuro Djakovic Holding - Balance Sheet

Assets and Their Funding (HRK mil)
Manufacturing | Croatia | March 07, 2018
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Djuro Djakovic Holding's total assets reached HRK 508 mil at the end of 2015, up 8.14% when compared to the previous year.

Current assets amounted to HRK 235 mil, or 46.3% of total assets while cash reached HRK 37.5 mil at the end of 2015.

On the other hand, total debt reached HRK 305 mil at the year-end, or 46.3% of total assets while firm's equity amounted to HRK 9.67 mil. As a result, net debt reached HRK 267 mil at the end of 2015 and accounted for 2,762% of equity.

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