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Hochtief Czech Republic - Cash Flow

Total Cash from Operations, Investment and Financing (CZK mil)
Construction | Czechia | April 2, 2020
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Hochtief Czech Republic's operating cash flow stood at CZK 318 mil in 2015, up 39.6% when compared to the previous year. Historically, between 2005 - 2015, the firm’s operating cash flow reached a high of CZK 398 mil in 2013 and a low of CZK -83.9 mil in 2007.

Hochtief Czech Republic's total investments stood at CZK -79.4 mil and accounted for 0.462% of sales in 2015. This is compared to an average of 0.207% as seen over the last five years.

Cash from financing amounted to CZK -245 mil, so the company generated CZK -6.37 mil net cash in 2015.

At the end of 2015, the company had a net debt of CZK -18.8 mil, or -0.139x of EBITDA and -0.018 of equity. Net working capital amounted to CZK 461 mil, or 8.18% of sales. Cash conversion cycle is negative and reached 18.2 days days in 2015. This means Hochtief Czech Republic generates revenue from customers before it has to pay its suppliers for inventory, among other things.

You can see all the company’s data at Hochtief Czech Republic profile, or you can download a report on the company in the report section.