Number of Clients Serviced by Czech Banks (2013-2015)

Banking | Czech Republic | February 17, 2016
Excel Sheet

The three largest banks - Česká spořitelna (owned by Erste Bank), ČSOB (KBC) and Komerční Banka (Societe Generale) still dominated the Czech retail banking market in 2015. At the end of the year, the trio held around two thirds of the retail banking clients in the country.

However, the competition pressure has been intensifying, especially, from the number of smaller players such as Air Bank (owned by PPF Group) with more than 400,000 retail clients at the end of 2015, Poland's mBank (563,000 clients), or Raiffeisen's ZUNO Bank with 250,000 retail clients in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Czech banking still offers a superior profitability (measured by ROE) thanks partly to a very high market concentration. The competition pressure should therefore stay high in 2016!