Pegas Nonwovens - Cash Conversion Cycle (2004-2014)

Manufacturing | Czech Republic | May 20, 2015
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Pegas Nonwovens is Europe’s second largest producers of nonwoven fabric for hygiene application (diapers, feminine hygiene, and adult incontinence). Based in Znojmo in the Czech Republic, the company produced 86,000 tonnes of fabric in 2012. Pegas’ top five customers represented a 78% share of total revenues. Its customer mix reflects the situation in the hygiene market, which is divided among a small number of end producers, each having a substantial market share; essentially all of its sales are in Western and Central Europe. Being a supplier of large multinational conglomerates, Pegas must finance heavily its working capital needs. In 2014, the Company got paid 5 months after buying its material, while it had to pay to its suppliers 3 months after their delivery, on average. The data presented in the chart could be downloaded in the Companies section at