Pegas Nonwovens - Dividend Yield vs. Index (until Oct 2015)

Manufacturing | Czech Republic | October 21, 2015
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Pegas stock has risen by more than 73% since the end of 2009 (or 131% including dividends). That is compared to a 13% decline in PX Index in the same period In spite of its impressive performance (the stock added 20% in 2015 as of the middle of October), Pegas share trades at 10.3x its earnings expected in 2015. This is some 13% more than Company stock’s long-term average, but still 31% less than the average for the Czech market (13.5x expected for 2015). In addition to the share price appreciation, Pegas pays a regular dividend equal to nearly 5% yield on current prices. This seems to be more to less similar to the market average while Pegas offers a superior growth to the market average.