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PPF Banka - Asset Quality

NPLs (As % Of Loans) & Provisions (As % Of NPLs)
Banking | Czechia | May 13, 2024
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PPF Banka's non-performing loans reached 0.563% of total loans at the end of 2023-12-31, down from 0.986% compared to the previous year. Historically, the NPL ratio hit an all time high of 18.5% in 2016-06-30 and an all time low of 0.283% in 2012-09-30.

Provision coverage amounted to 408% at the end of 2023-12-31, up from 211% compared to a year earlier.

The bank created loan loss provisions worth of 2.60% of average loans in 2023-12-31. That's compared to 1.67% of loans the bank put aside to its cost on average in the last five years.

Comparing PPF Banka with its closest peers, Ceska Sporitelna operated at the end of 2023-12-31 with NPL ratio of 1.80% and provision coverage of 111%, CSOB with 1.51% and 45.2% respectively and Komercni Banka had 1.85% of bad loans covered with 47.1% by provisions at the end of 2023-12-31.

You can see all the bank’s data at PPF Banka Profile, or you can download a report on the bank in the report section.