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Sales by Brands

Number of Cars (thousand), June 2022
Automotive | August 29, 2022
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Sales of new passenger cars reached 1,066 thousand in June 2022 in the enlarged Europe, according to ACEA. This is 16.9%, or 216 thousand less than in the previous year. In the first six months of 2022, some 5,598 thousand cars were sold in Europe, down 13.7% yoy.

In June, most vehicles (225 thousand) were sold in Germany, followed by France (171 thousand), the United Kingdom with 141 thousand cars, 127 thousand new vehicles were registered in Italy and 89.3 thousand in Spain.

Volkswagen Group sold the most cars in June 2022 in Europe, some 256 thousand vehicles representing 24.0% of the European market. Sales of PSA Group amounted to 158 thousand vehicles (or 14.8% of the market) while Renault Group and Hyundai Group held 12.0% and 9.50% of the European market in June.

In terms of particular brands, Volkswagen stands out as the most favorite brand accounting for 564 thousand sold vehicles, or 10.1% of all new passenger cars sold on the European market in June 2022. In terms of momentum, Kia gained the most in terms of market share in the first month of the year 2022 (up 1.37 bp) followed by Hyundai and Toyota. Volkswagen and Skoda were on the other end of the market spectrum losing -1.27 bp and -0.718 bp respectively.