Size & Rooms Of New Dwellings In The Czech Rep.

Real Estate | Czech Republic | December 9, 2014
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The average size of a dwelling reached nearly 52 sqm in the Czech Republic at the end of 2011. That is 30-50% less than the usual figures seen in the Western Europe. "Socialistic planning and massive expansion of pre-fabricated panel houses in 1960-1980s are partly to blame, as similar figures could be found in other east-european and CIS countries.

When looking at the long-term trends, it is clear Czechs changed their appetitte following the political changes at the beginning of 1990s. Since the middle of 1990's, there were more houses than flats built annually and the share exceeded 60% in 2013, according to the Czech Statistical Office.

As a result, the average size of newly-built flats increased to as much as 77.3 sqm in 2013. While average dwelling in a family house reached nearly 94 sqm, size of average flat built in 2013 amounted to 51 sqm.