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The Largest Banks in Czechia by Customers

Customers, mil
October 4, 2023
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Ceska Sporitelna served the largest number of clients in the middle of 2023, some 4.48 mil, according to the Bank. In other words, every second person in the Czech Republic was using Ceska Sporitelna's products and services, on average.

CSOB was the second largest one with more than 4 mil customers, followed by Raiffeisenbank Czech Republic (with more than 2 mil),

Komercni Banka with more than 1.6 mil and MONETA Money Bank with 1.5 mil clients.

While the trio of largest banks seems to have "stagnated" in terms of number of reported customers in the last decade (due partly to a clean up portfolios from inactive clients), smaller banks were on a hunt.

Through an organic growth (@Air_Bank, Equa banka, or @mbank_cz and/or by acquisitions (@RaiffeisenCZ, @MONETAMoney), small and mid-sized banks served almost 40% of all banking customers in the middle of 2023, according to our estimates. That's compared to 15% in 2003 and 25% a decade ago, for example.

@RaiffeisenCZ, @Fio_banka and @Air_Bank were the most aggressive ones gaining more than 1 mil new customers each in the last 10 years.

Note: One person/customer typically has more than one product at its bank, and/or is using services a number of different banks, that's why the total number of customers exceeds the one of total population. We also use estimates for some of the banks.

For more details, download our free report on 2Q2023 results or see the related blog post.

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