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Three Largest Mortgage Lenders in Czechia

Market Share by 3 Largest Banks
Banking | Czechia | September 29, 2023
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Mortgage loans grew 6.80% yoy in the last 12 months and were up 1.13% qoq in the last quarter. At the end of September, mortgages formed 40.8% of total loans and 23.5% of GDP.

Overall, CSOB was the largest mortgage lender with 30.4% of the market followed by Ceska Sporitelna (with a 23.1% share ) and Hypotecni Banka (22.5%). Looking at the last 12 months, Air Bank gained the most in market share - 32.3 bp to 0.845% - compared to Raiffeisenbank Czech Republic's 28.7 bp (to 7.61%) and Modra Pyramida Stavebni Sporitelna's 16.0 bp (a market share of 5.10%).

The combined trio of largest banks held 74.7% of outstanding mortgage loans in September 2022.