Were You Born By A Caesarian Birth?

Health Care | March 9, 2016
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The number of Caesareans (C-section) performed globally has grown rapidly, a fourfold increase from 1971 to 1991 (from 4.2 per 100 births). This may be accredited to the improved technology in detecting pre-birth distress.

The increasing rate is partly the evolution of birth weight and maternal pelvis size. Since the advent of successful Caesarean birth over the last 150 years, mothers with small pelvises and babies with large birth weights have survived and contributed to these traits, increasing in the population percentage.

On the other hand, malpractice has been looked into because of the rapid increase. Some argue the higher costs of C-section births compared to regular births make physicians quicker to recommend surgery. Some commentators are concerned by the rise and reduced society’s tolerance for pain and illness.

The WHO standards recommend not exceeding a maximum of 15% of vaginal births. In Mexico, for example, one of every two children is born by C-section! Mr. Darwin would not be happy...

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