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What Banks in Philippines Had the Most ATMs in 2018?

Top Banks by Number of ATMs
Banking | Philippines | February 21, 2020
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Based on a comparison of 11 banks in Philippines in 2018, Banco de Oro operated the largest ATM network, followed by Bank of the Philippine Islands and RCBC.

Banco de Oro operated a network of 4,325 ATMs at the end of 2018.

Comparing Banco de Oro with its closest peers, Bank of the Philippine Islands operated a network of 3,034 ATMs in 2018, RCBC had 1,593 ATMs and Philippine National Bank had a network of 1,243 ATMs in 2018.

Filipino banks operated a network 21,278 ATMs in 2018. Total of people worked for the banks in 2018.

You can see all the banks ATMs data on the ATMs indicator page or you can download a report on the Filipino banks in the report section.