Which Country Is The Most Expensive To Study In?

Education | January 17, 2016
Excel Sheet

England has the highest average undergraduate tuition fees in the industrialized world, according to research from the OECD.

In 2013-2014, the average student in England was charged in excess of $9,000, after the government’s decision to triple maximum fees. The next highest was the US, with fees of about $8,000, followed by Japan on about $5,000, said the Paris-based organisation, which comprises 34 mainly prosperous countries.

The top 10 has a global feel, with Canada, South Korea and Israel all featuring alongside southern hemisphere neighbours Australia and New Zealand and EU members the Netherlands and Italy.

In contrast several nations charge no tuition fees, including Denmark, Estonia and Slovenia.

On the other hand, this investment tends to be repaid many times in higher graduate wages.

The comparison applies for public universities only, which skews the figures for the US, where many leading universities are private.