Which Is The Best Country To Grow Old In?

November 26, 2014
Excel Sheet

In many countries, life expectancy at 60 is now at least a third more than what it was in the mid-twentieth century. However, people’s experience of later life varies, depending to a large extent on where they live and their circumstances earlier in life. While many more people are living in better health and comfort than in the past, millions still face a bleak old age.

The Global AgeWatch Index shows that policies supporting people in later life such as pensions, educational and employment opportunities, free healthcare and subsidised transport exist but need to be implemented faster and more systematically.

The latest index tells us that the best place to grow old is Norway. Here, you will be among the richest pensioners in the world and will enjoy a supportive, age friendly environment. Or, if that doesn’t take your fancy, Sweden, Switzerland and Canada are other good options.

On the other hand, the worst country to be old in is Afghanistan