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Who Likes Chicken the Most

Poultry Meat Consumption Per Capita in 1961 - 2020 (kg)
October 5, 2023
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Israelies are the biggest eaters of chicken meat with 68.9 kg consumed per person a year, based on the data provided by FAOSTAT for 2020, followed by Trinidad and Tobago and USA. Average poultry meat consumption reached 16.4 kg in 2020 in the World, and has been growing almost 3.0% a year since 1961.

In absolute terms, China ranked the highest in total poultry meat consumption with 17.7 Mt followed by USA and Brazil.

According to OECD, growth in global consumption of meat proteins over the next decade is projected to increase by 14% by 2030 compared to 2018-2020, driven largely by income and population growth.

Meat consumption has been shifting towards poultry. In lower income developing countries this reflects the lower price of poultry as compared to other meats, while in high-income countries this indicates an increased preference for white meats which are more convenient to prepare and perceived as a healthier food choice.

Globally, poultry meat is expected to represent 41% of all the protein from meat sources in 2030 compared to 20% from beef, 34% from pigmeat and 5% from sheep meat.

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