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Who Was the Largest by Sales Among Czech Military & Defence Industry in 2017?

Top Companies by Sales (CZK mil)
Czechia | February 23, 2019
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Based on a comparison of 7 firms among Czech Military & Defence Industry, Tatra Trucks generated the highest sales in 2017 followed by Sellier & Bellot and Ceska zbrojovka.

Tatra Trucks made total sales of CZK 6,293 mil, up 4.55% compared to the previous year. Historically, the firm’s revenues an all time high of CZK 7,869 mil in 2008 and an all time low of CZK 1,853 mil in 2012.

The average sales growth in the last five years amounted to 27.7%.

Comparing Tatra Trucks with its closest peers, Sellier & Bellot generated a sales of CZK 4,524 mil average sales growth 14.2% in 2017, Ceska zbrojovka sold products and services worth CZK 4,148 mil (5-year growth of 9.52%) and AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE announced revenues of CZK 3,789 mil translating into average nominal growth of 9.52% in the last five years.

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