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Europe Commercial Vehicles Sales (May 2021)

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Sales of new commercial vehicles in Europe reached 182 thousand in May 2021, according to ACEA. This is 47.7%, or 58.9 thousand more than in the previous year.

Some 158 thousand new light commercial vehicles were registered in May, up 51.1% yoy. Sales of medium vehicles reached 5.22 thousand (up 27.4% yoy) while sales of heavy vehicles amounted to 17.6 thousand vehicles, up 32.1% yoy. Some 1.88 thousand new buses have been delivered in May in Europe, up 7.67% when compared to last year.

Most commercial vehicles (39.7 thousand) were sold in France, followed by the UK (33.4 thousand) and Germany (30.2 thousand). Most new buses and coaches above 3.5 tonnes were registered in Germany, the UK and Italy last month.

In the first five months of 2021, some 1,026 thousand vehicles were sold, up 45.5% yoy. While most vehicles were sold in France (217 thousand) followed by the UK (177 thousand) and Germany (151 thousand), sales in the UK (up 92.2%) and Poland (up 92.2%) performed the best compared to a year ago, according to ACEA. On the other hand, registrations in Iceland (up 8.50%), Finland and Cyprus (up 8.57% and up 13.2% yoy) were relatively the weakest, since the beginning of the year.

Automotive | European Union | July 28, 2021