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Fio Banka in Numbers

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Company: Fio banka
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Fio banka is a young Czech bank established only in 2008. But, the history of Fio dates back to 1993 when a group of students established a securities broker. Since then, Fio has expanded both geographically (as it entered a number of stock exchanges in the Central Europe and elsewehere) as well as business-wise (with a credit union started in 1996). The expansion has been crowned by a an acquisition of RM-System, Czech Republic's off-market securities exchange.

Nowadays, the bank already services more than 200,000 clients through a network of 70 branches occuppying around 0.4% of the Czech banking market by assets.

This excel file offers a summary of the company's performance in between 1Q2011-1Q2013 on the quarterly and in 2009-2012 on the annual basis. You will find here all the key numbers from the bank's balance sheet, income statement and main ratios related to the bank's business. In addition, the file provides a detailed overview of the bank's market position in the comparison with the overall banking sector

Banking | Czechia | July 16, 2013