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In this Economics section, we present information on both macro- (dealing with the performance and structure of the whole economy) as well as micro-economic level (relating to behavior of individual households and firms). Here, you should find interesting (and some boring) statistical data on more than 80 countries, or over 95% of the world economy including information on all key areas of economic life - growth, indebtedness, inflation, state involvement, budgetting, household consumption, taxes, business activity, or international aid, for example. We present the statistics in both, the local currency as well as in the U.S. Dollars, in absolute terms as well as relative to other indicators (per GDP, Current Account, or Capita, for instance) and gradually add quarterly, monthly, or daily figures when available and meaningful. More useful economic data (put into context with other sectors) could be found in other sectors such as Banking, Insurance, or Investments

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