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Housing presents statistical characteristics about how and where people live, including trends and forecasts. Commonly examined data include housing stock (such as number of total dwellings, their average size, number of people living in a dwelling on average, number of rooms per dwelling or per capita), housing construction (you can find how many new dwellings were built, or started every year, how large houses are being built compared to the current ones), or structure and type of housing stock (how many dwellings are owned by people who live there, or what is the proportion of social housing). You can also find interesting information regarding prices of houses including average price of house or land in the country, or in the capital city with all possible ratios attached (such as price of house relative to rent, or average wage). Last, but not least, there are details regarding mortgage lending in this section including volume of mortgage loans, average size of a loan and interest rate, loan to value ratio of the mortgage stock, or how many households do have mortgage

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