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We like numbers. We collect them, analyse them
and look for stories they might be hiding...

We put tons of useful data and interesting reports under a single roof to save you hours of searching and disappointment at poor results. We offer our products to a wide readership at a really affordable price. You'll find plenty of information for free, or for only a very small fee, which makes us different from the large data providers. Get a report for free, buy a single indicator for USD 2.99, or take out a monthly subscription - whatever works best for you.

4.3mil. Data points 145 068 Time series 394 Companies 181 Countries 30 Sectors

Our population and global economy data cover more than 99% of the world. Our database offers well over 300,000 time series. That's more than 10 million data points collected from public sources or licensed partners. Here you'll find the numbers, and the stories they tell for 181 countries in 30 different sectors. Apart from the data, you can also uncover a bunch of interesting reports and studies we or our partners have produced. Choose a country or click on a particular sector to see more information.

What We Offer?

Accessing our data is very easy. Just select a country, sector, or an indicator and you'll see what we have. When you're in the indicator view, the chart at the top left shows you which years are available for each country and you'll see a padlock sign hiding some of the actual numbers in the table below the chart.

When you buy an indicator (for a single country, or for all of them at once), the padlock is removed and you'll be able to access the data anytime in the future even when we update it. You can buy a single report in a similar way in the Report Section. If you like our database a lot, you'll be best taking out a monthly subscription. This will allow you to access all the data whenever you want. And if you want to be really economical, buy the Data & Reports Subscription, and you'll get everything on one plate.

Apart from the options presented below, we also prepare customised analyses on demand (please contact us if you're interested) and offer thousands of charts for free to help you visualise interesting data. You can subscribe to our 'Chart of the Day' or 'Report of the Week' services to receive free charts and reports (see below).


Are you a one-time user looking for a number or a time series for a particular country or sector? You don't want to bother with registration or cannot afford a subscription? Find the data you're looking for, check the price on the padlock sign, and if it's not available for free, buy the time series for as little as USD 2.99.

From $2.99


Are you looking for a summary of a particular sector, country, or region, or a more in-depth analysis? Visit our Reports Section and download what you need. You don't need to register or subscribe. We offer our own analyses as well as those of our partners, many of them completely for free.

From $99


If you're looking for company data and reports see our Company Section. We cover more than 400 companies and offer a full set of financial information for each of them for USD 29.99. We can add a company to our portfolio on demand, just let us know.



If you really like our database and plan to use it often, buy a subscription from USD 199 a month. If you want to get access to all our reports, a Data & Report Subscription is the option for you. From USD 399 a month you'll get unlimited access to all the hidden data and reports in our Library. To check pricing, please click on Buy and select from the available time period options.

from $199 /month
Subscribe to our service Chart of the Day and Report of the Week to see our latest additions. Subscribe