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We like numbers. We collect them, analyse them and look for stories they might be hiding. We aim to put useful data and interesting reports under a single roof to save you hours of searching and disappointment at poor results. We want to be able to offer our products to a wide readership at an affordable price. You will find plenty of information for free, or for a very small fee only, which makes us different from the large data providers. Get a report for free, buy a single indicator for USD 2.99, or take out a monthly subscription depending on your needs.

We cover more than 95% of the world in most data in terms of population or the global economy. Our database offers more than 100,000 time series, or more than 2.5 million data points collected from public sources or licensed partners, and we present data for over 80 countries and 16 different sectors. Apart from the data, you might find here a number of interesting reports and studies produced either by us or by our partners. Choose a country, or click on a particular sector to see more information: