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Number of Orders & Average Size per Order (USD)
Retail & Wholesale | Czechia | June 22, 2021
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In 2019, served a total of 4.00 mil customers, up 64.0% when compared to 3 years ago. A simple comparison of's sales with a number of its customers reveals that the average customer brought the firm USD 105 revenue in 2019. In terms of profitability, a single client generated EBITDA of USD 17.4 and a net profit of USD 11.7 in 2019. delivered 12.3 mil orders in 2019, up 19.4% yoy and 92.2% more than three years ago. This translates into 3.08 orders per customer in 2019. Average order amounted to USD 105 , which is down 2.21% when compared to 2016 (three years ago).

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