Banka Postanska Stedionica - Profitability

Net Profit (RSD mil) & ROE (%)
Banking | Serbia | February 22, 2018
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Banka Postanska Stedionica made a net profit of RSD 393 mil in 2015, up 24.1% when compared to the last year. This implies a return on equity of 2.24%.

Historically, the bank’s net profit reached an all time high of RSD 1,323 mil in 2008 and an all time low of RSD 130 mil in 2013. The average profit in the last five years amounted to RSD 579 mil.

The bank generated its shareholders an average return on equity of 4.79% in the last five years with maximum at 10.9% and minimum at 1.05%

When compared to bank's main peers, Komercijalna Banka Beograd generated a net profit of RSD -6,300 mil with ROE of -9.43% in 2015, Bank Intesa Serbia netted RSD 8,585 mil (ROE of 7.81%) and Raiffeisenbank Serbia announced a net profit of RSD 4,342 mil implying ROE of 7.83%.

Banka Postanska Stedionica has been ranked 88th within the group of 122 banks we follow in terms of return on equity in 2015.

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