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Isbank Bulgaria - Market Share in Bank Deposits

Customer Deposits (BGN mil)
Banking | Bulgaria | September 3, 2018
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Isbank Bulgaria's customer deposits reached BGN 0.587 mil in 2017, down 88.8% compared to the previous year.

Bulgarian banking sector accepted customer deposits of BGN 76.5 bil in 2017, up 5.94% when compared to the last year.

Isbank Bulgaria accounted for < 0.001% of all customer deposits taken by banks in Bulgaria at the end of 2017. Historically, the bank’s market share in customer deposits reached an all time high of 0.034% in 2014 and an all time low of < 0.001% in 2017.

That's compared to a < 0.001% market share the bank held in terms of total assets at the end of 2017.

You can see all the company’s data at Isbank Bulgaria Profile, or you can download a report on the firm in the report section.