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Who Was the Most Profitable Among PX Index in 2017?

Top Companies by Net Profit (CZK mil)
September 29, 2023
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Based on a comparison of 14 firms among PX Index, Erste Group Bank generated the highest net profit in 2017 followed by CEZ and Komercni Banka.

Erste Group Bank made a net profit of CZK 38,560 mil, down 3.23% compared to the previous year. Historically, the firm’s net profit reached an all time high of CZK 39,847 mil in 2016 and an all time low of CZK -2,895 mil in 2014. The average profit in the last five years amounted to CZK 23,982 mil.

The company generated an average return on equity of 5.67% for its shareholders in the last five years with a maximum of 9.38% and a minimum of -0.744%.

Comparing Erste Group Bank with its closest peers, CEZ generated a net profit of CZK 18,765 mil with a ROE of 7.28% in 2017, Komercni Banka netted CZK 14,930 mil (ROE of 14.5%) and Vienna Insurance Group announced a net profit of CZK 7,859 mil giving a ROE of 6.33%.

You can see all the companies net profit data on the Net Profit indicator page or you can download a special statistical dossier on the PX Index in the reports section.