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CMSS at a Glance

Language: English
Company: CSOB
Provider: Helgi Library
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Českomoravská Stavební Spořitelna (ČMSS) is the dominant leader of the building savings market in the Czech Republic. At the end of 2012, the Bank had a 43.6% share on the market of building loans and 35.1% of total building savings deposits. Despite seasonally strong deposit growth in 4Q12, the overall balance sheet momentum remains negative. Loans declined by 2.6% and deposits dropped 1.8% in 2012. This is due mainly to the overall saturation of the market, ongoing reduction of the government subsidy and migration to mortgage lending. Having said that, ČMSS remains impressively profitable. In 2012, the bank achieved ROE of 18.2%, well above the market (15.2%) or the whole banking system (14.4%). 55% of the bank is owned by the largest Czech bank, ČSOB, while the remaining 45% is held by BSH, the largest building savings society in Germany.

This report offers a summary of the company's performance in 2000-2012. You will find here all the key numbers from the bank's balance sheet, income statement and main ratios related to the bank's business.

In addition, the report provides a detailed overview of the bank's market position in the comparison with the overall banking sector and within the business of building savings.

Banking | Czechia | January 31, 2014
Excel Sheet, 8 pages