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Health Care

Health care sector presents various statistics regarding penetration of health care services in each country, expenditures on health care from both, public as well as private sources, details on immunisation, or prevelance of various diseases in the population. Health care industry consumes around 10% of GDP in the OECD countries, so detailed statistics, trends and comparison between particular countries could help to better understand each market where it is going. To be more specific of what you might find in this section, these could be indicators describing health expenditures (public, private, absolute or relative to GDP), health care infrastructure (such as number of personnel, or hospital beds in absolute terms or relative per 1,000 inhabitants), livestyle habits (smoking, dringking, obesity), immunisation (against tuberculosis, or polio, for example), or spread of diseases (such as tuberculosis, HIV), or mortality rates (in various age groups)

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