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Aditya Birla Capital

Profit Statement 2017 2018
Net Interest Income INR mil 25,483 32,356
Net Fee Income INR mil 6,919 9,289
Other Income INR mil 52,637 68,985
Total Revenues INR mil 85,038 110,629
Operating Profit INR mil 11,633 13,826
Provisions INR mil 0 0
Net Profit INR mil 6,931 8,709
Balance Sheet 2017 2018
Interbank Loans INR mil 142,721 181,534
Customer Loans INR mil 504,693 618,883
Total Assets INR mil 937,142 1,097,030
Shareholders' Equity INR mil 95,939 106,698
Interbank Borrowing INR mil 242,694 274,785
Customer Deposits INR mil 0 0
Issued Debt Securities INR mil 199,875 274,680
Ratios 2017 2018
ROE % 7.22 8.60
ROA % 0.740 0.856
Costs (As % Of Assets) % 7.83 9.52
Costs (As % Of Income) % 86.3 87.5
Net Interest Margin % 2.72 3.18
Valuation 2017 2018
Price/Earnings (P/E) 46.4 24.6
Price/Book Value (P/BV) 3.35 2.01
Earnings Per Share (EPS) 3.53 3.95
Book Value Per Share 48.9 48.4

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income statement Unit 2017 2018
income statement    
Interest Income INR mil    
Interest Cost INR mil    
Net Interest Income INR mil    
Net Fee Income INR mil    
Other Income INR mil    
Total Revenues INR mil    
Operating Cost INR mil    
Operating Profit INR mil    
Provisions INR mil    
Extra and Other Cost INR mil    
Pre-Tax Profit INR mil    
Tax INR mil    
Minorities INR mil    
Net Profit INR mil    
growth rates    
Net Interest Income Growth % ...  
Net Fee Income Growth % ...  
Total Revenue Growth % ...  
Operating Cost Growth % ...  
Operating Profit Growth % ...  
Pre-Tax Profit Growth % ...  
Net Profit Growth % ...  
market share    
Market Share in Revenues %   ...
balance sheet Unit 2017 2018
balance sheet    
Cash INR mil    
Interbank Loans INR mil    
Customer Loans INR mil    
Debt Securities INR mil    
Fixed Assets INR mil    
Total Assets INR mil    
Shareholders' Equity INR mil    
Of Which Minority Interest INR mil    
Liabilities INR mil    
Interbank Borrowing INR mil    
Customer Deposits INR mil    
Issued Debt Securities INR mil    
Other Liabilities INR mil    
growth rates    
Customer Loan Growth % ...  
Total Asset Growth % ...  
Shareholders' Equity Growth % ...  
market share    
Market Share in Customer Loans %   ...
Market Share in Total Assets %   ...
Market Share in Customer Deposits %   ...

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Aditya Birla Capital has been growing its revenues and asset by % and % a year on average in the last 3 years. Its loans and deposits have grown by % and % a year during that time and loans to deposits ratio reached at the end of 2018. The company achieved an average return on equity of 7.91% in the last three years with net profit growing % a year on average. In terms of operating efficiency, its cost to income ratio reached 87.5% in 2018, compared to 86.9% average in the last three years.

Equity represented 9.73% of total assets or 17.2% of loans at the end of 2018. Aditya Birla Capital's non-performing loans were of total loans while provisions covered some of NPLs at the end of 2018.


Aditya Birla Capital stock traded at INR 97.1 per share at the end of 2018 resulting in a market capitalization of USD 3,070 mil. Over the previous three years, stock price rose by 0% or 0% a year on average. That’s compared to an average ROE of 7.91% the bank generated for its shareholders. This closing price put stock at a 12-month trailing price to earnings (PE) of 24.6x and price to book value (PBV) of 2.01x in 2018.